Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cutting Down the Nets

Though I'm a fan of the duo, I don't find it particularly enjoyable when Mike and the Mad Dog talk down to, interrupt, patronize, and generally abuse callers (with some exceptions, of course). However, I find it highly entertaining when a high-ranking officer of a local sports franchise receives the same treatment. Past victims include Jay Cross, Brian Cashman, Jim Duquette, and Fred Wilpon. Today's victim was new Nets CEO Brett Yormark, a guest on the show today for the second straight day, a M&MD rarity. Suffice it to say that yesterday's appearance (in person at Continental Arena) went a bit better for Mr. Yormark, who has been brought in to, among other things, actually sell some tickets. He promoted various things yesterday, including the fact that Opening Night had sold out in Jersey for the first time in years. All good. Well, not so much, you see. Apparently the Nets didn't "sell out," as the place had a few thousand empty seats. (Semantics is key here - Yormark maintains selling all the tickets constitutes a sellout; Francesa feels that many empty seats makes calling it a sellout insulting.) Why this bothered Mike as much as it did is anyone's guess. (Mine is that it got him from 1 to 3 on an otherwise boring day with no guests.) Anyway, after abusing Yormark for more than an hour, the poor guy came on to discuss the issue. He got pounded. I'd say deservedly so, as I have in the past with Duquette, Cross, et al. except I don't think issuing a press release touting a maybe-they-did-maybe-they-didn't sellout falls under the category of high crimes and misdemeanors. (Charging 50 dollars to be on a season ticket waiting list does.)

I doubt WFAN will post the interview to its site; if they do, it'll be here.

Update: They posted it. Direct link here.


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