Friday, December 30, 2005

The Bushinator

Been gone awhile, I know. 2005 ended somewhat chaotically for me, but hopefully I'll recover quickly in the new year.

For my last post of 2005, I'd like to present a program I created called The Bushinator. Unfortunately I don't know how to post an Excel file on Blogger, so I'm going to have to tell you about it and if it sounds like something you'd like to see, email me and I'll send you the file. or leave a comment.)

With all the talk here in NY about the Jets in the running for Reggie Bush and the myriad of tiebreak scenarios that could occur, I decided to make a program on Excel to play out whatever scenario I want. Basically, it works like this: you put in who you think will (or who you want to) win this weekend's games, and based on the data I put in, it will automatically calculate strength of schedule for the tiebreak teams. It's pretty cool, actually. If nothing's showing up, enter the winner of HOU/SF; that's when the fun starts. This can be used in two ways: 1) for obsessive fans of these teams to play with today and tomorrow trying to figure out what exactly needs to occur for their team to score the #1 pick; 2) to actually fill in on Sunday as the games are being played, to stay 7 steps ahead of CBS and FOX (always fun). There are only 2 discernable flaws that I know of: 1) It doesn't account for ties; 2) if there's a tie in opponent's winning percentage, the NFL is going to a coin flip. My program picks a winner somewhat arbitrarily. So keep your eyes on the Opp. Win Pct. column. Oh, and I called it the Bushinator because essentially it's going to calculate which team gets Reggie Bush (maybe with the exception of the Saints), and because it was 2:30 in the morning and I needed to save the Excel file as something other than Untitled.

I gave this program a test run by sending it to some of my friends, including a Fine Fellow and J.Z. Both of them responded with variations on "you have no life." But judging by the harshness of their tone, I knew I was on to something, for it is my experience that the more angry the "you have no life," the greater my accomplishment.

Back in 2006 (hopefully with November 2005 frequency!)


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