Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yankees Sign Amateur Wrestler

Far be it from me to make fun of the Bronx Bombers for having a terrifically uneventful offseason, but I just love this signing. Kyle Farnsworth will eventually inspire a "Bronx Brawlers" back page at some point in 2006, and I personally can't wait till that happens. Previous combatants: Paul Wilson (top) and Jeremy Affeldt. Who will it be this year? Who knows. Oh, apparently the guy pitches, too. In fact, I think I remember him pitching in a big spot - the 2005 Division Series, if I recall. I vaguely remember him allowing a grand slam to Lance Berkman to cut a 5-run lead to 1. And I'm a bit fuzzy, but I seem to have this image of Brad Ausmus taking him deep an inning later to tie the game. But I'm sure he can handle the lower-pressure climate of New York. Should be entertaining, to say the least.

Wait, my bad. They also signed Kelly Stinnett. That'll put more fear in American League pitchers this year.

Seriously, though, with all this talk about that gaping hole in center field, and with almost a year having passed since the Yankees last acquired a big name, can Johnny Damon's press conference (and subsequent ceremonial shaving) be that far off?


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