Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't Go There

The last time Mike Cameron played in a Major League Baseball game, it was in San Diego. If you don't remember it, perhaps the collage on your left will refresh your memory. Could it be the next game he plays will also be there? (Giants at Padres, April 3rd, in case you were wondering.) is all over the latest rumors, which are slowly turning into facts. Aside from the fact that personally I don't like any of the trades suggested, it bothers me more that the Mets could be cruel enough to make Cameron play 81 games in a building he could've been brain damaged in.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Xavier Nady, the first New York Met in history to have either of his names begin with the letter X.


Blogger Commishdov said...

Who Cares, Cameron has been a total bust since he came to the Mets. At least he'll be striking out for another team.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Student of The Game said...

Strikeouts aside, he hasn't been a "total bust." You forget (as many fickle fans do) how excited we were in May and June when he came back and started tearing it up. Sure, he's a .260 hitter, but is it really worth it to trde him for mediocre middle relief and stick Victor Diaz in right field? If this team is serious about 2006, they'd be better off with Cameron. Take the good with the bad: the power surge he can provide at the bottom of the order, and the defense he provides (when not crashing into teammates).

3:46 PM  

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