Friday, November 11, 2005

Bye Bye, Bluths

The hits just keep on coming. First Gary Cohen leaves the radio booth, then FOX goes ahead and cancels "Arrested Development". That this news comes the same day as they decide that fans running onto the field is acceptable television is purely coincidental, but at the same time it's truly appropriate. Who has room on the schedule for the smartest TV comedy to come along in years when you can air new episodes of"Stacked" or "The War at Home"? I actually tried to watch "The War at Home" (sucked in by the "Simpsons" lead-in). It was beyond dreadful. There are still 8 episodes of AD left to air, and my advice to the television--viewing world is to cherish them. America is stupid, so smart shows are going to become extinct. First this, whither "Scrubs"? At least one good thing will come of this: the writers will find a way to take a few shots at the network on the way out. And if there is a television God, this show will land on cable somewhere.


Anonymous G-Fafif said...

The question isn't why did Fox cancel the best show on television but rather how did avoid the ax for so long? (Never mind the bigger question: What's wrong with you, America?)

TV needs the Bluths the way radio needs Gary Cohen. What a bad week for broadcast media.

2:46 PM  

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