Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Taking it a Bit Too Far, Maybe?

After seeing clips of the T.O. funeral on "Monday Night Countdown" last night, I wanted to see some follow-up on the event. I wasn't expecting this: a different radio station, 102.9 WMGK, also pulled a stunt, though with bigger ramifications. It seems "Thud," a DJ at the station, was arrested yesterday morning "for trying to push a 6-foot-4, cotton-stuffed T.O., which he'd kicked there from Love Park, into the Delaware (River). Sam Hagopian, as he's formally known, was cuffed and taken to DRPA headquarters in Camden. Hagopian, 24, has a court date Monday on a charge that he created a substantial risk to the public." What risk to the public is there in pushing an effigy into a river? I'm sure the guy checked that the water below was clear of ships.

Update: Ben Maller links to some fantastic pics of the stunt.


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