Friday, November 18, 2005

Fighting Is the New Black

Terrell Owens is many things, and now you can add "trendsetter" to the list.

One of the last straws with the Eagles was a well-documented altercation with team "ambassador" Hugh Douglas. (What does a football team's ambassador do, anyway? Spread good will to Paraguay?) Now it seems everyone in sports trying to get in on the fighting thing...

There was that Bears offensive line thing, with the 5-pound weight, the broken jaw, and the FBI. OK, two burly linemen get into it. Understandable.

Then yesterday, two Bengals backups brawl. OK, two tough players, a little over-aggressive maybe, fired up for a Huge Game on Sunday, get into it. I can hear that.

And then it extended to coaches! "...running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery and offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild square[d] off briefly in practice on Wednesday." Wow, this must be some exciting trend if even coaches are picking up on it! Well, it is the Rams, so I guess I can see that.

And in a true, can't-miss sign that this is a real trend, fighting has extended to other sports, namely, that bastion of ill will and animosity, women's golf. Though it wasn't an all-out brawl, instead labeled by the media as a "feud" or "dispute," the LPGA Royal Rumble can't be too far off.


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