Sunday, November 06, 2005

Get This Man Some Coffee

I respect Sam Rosen an awful lot as an announcer (and not just because he responded kindly when I bumped into him at the Rangers-Devils game Thursday night). In his dual role as Rangers TV play-by-play man and as the leader of NFL on FOX's 3rd-line, the fall season keeps him quite busy. To wit: he was in MSG yesterday for Rangers-Devils; that game ended at close to 4:00 Eastern time. Now today he's in San Francisco, merely 2,909 miles away, calling the Giants game at 4:00 Eastern. (And my guess is he won't miss Sidney Crosby's Garden debut tomorrow night, and will reverse his journey tonight). At some point all this travelling was going to catch up to him. That point was at about 5:15 this afternoon, as this call (with Bill Maas) of a Jeff Feagles punt illustrates:

SR: Jeff Feagles, in his 280th consecutive game, 2nd longest streak in NHL history, just two behind the record holder, Jim Marshall. [Long pause] NFL, er, did I not say NFL?

BM: [Mumbles incoherently, sounded like "No, yes." Seriously. Symptomatic of his overall performance, but that's for another post.]

SR: Nick Greisen with the tackle on the return man, Rasheed Marshall... Did I say NHL?

BM: The National and the League were correct.

SR: Oh, Man. NFL. Sorry.

Let's just hope nobody tunes into OLN tomorrow night to hear "And that is Crosby's first of what will probably be many touchdowns in Madison Square Garden."


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