Friday, November 11, 2005

The Third Season

As a Met fan, I'm glad to see Omar Minaya is a busy, busy man. From (which is proving to be the best place to go for all things hot stove):
Appearing on ESPN News, ESPN’s Peter Gammons mentioned that Mets GM Omar Minaya has been the busiest person at the GM meetings. Gammons added that he believes this is indicative of how the Mets will behave the entire off-season…
And then there's today's Daily News:
General Manager Omar Minaya and aide Tony Bernazard were planning on leaving the GM meetings in Indian Wells, Calif., today and going to Yuma, Ariz., to meet face-to-face with free agent catcher Bengie Molina, according to sources at the meetings. It's believed it's more of a "getting to know you" session. The Mets weren't expected to make an offer yet.

Last week Minaya was in Virginia at the home of Wagner, and the Mets are almost certainly going to make him an offer. And a trade with Tampa Bay is the hottest rumor out there. And of course, there's the Manny situation. I'm not saying Omar is going to dominate this offseason like he did last year's, but it seems that he definitely wants to. And the travelling from place to place is a good thing. Remember, when he went to the Dominican Republic last year, good things happened.


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