Thursday, November 10, 2005

Will He Let Howie Long Be the GM?

Look closely at that man on the left. He might be sitting between Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones at an NFL owners meeting in the future. That's right, Terry Bradshaw has expressed interest in buying the Saints, making contact with potential investors. From the article: “I’ve gotta line up the money first and make sure I’ve got the money. And then from gotta find out what Mr. Benson wants to do,” Bradshaw said. “It’s his team.”

Maybe, but count me among those who hope it becomes Bradshaw's team. Sure, I'd miss his crazy highlights every Sunday, but consider the potential payoff: JB and Howie presenting Bradshaw with the NFC Championship trophy on the field, and the subsequent interview. Wait, with the Saints that's asking a bit much. Well, maybe he can bring Jimmy Johnson back into coaching. Or bring Ricky Williams back to New Orleans. Put it this way: this has Mark Cuban potential written all over it.


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