Friday, November 18, 2005

Morning Musings

  • I was listening to halftime of the Knicks-Lakers game the other night on ESPN Radio. Halftime in the Knicks-on-WFAN days meant first half analysis and an interview. Seemed pretty standard. But on 1050, they actually play highlights from the first half. Bizarre on two accounts. Firstly, I've never in my life heard radio highlights played before the game is actually over. Secondly, playing basketball highlights as a companion to a recap just doesn't work. If you don't believe me, hear for yourself. (WFAN never did it, by the way.) Obviously, post-game highlights fit best with baseball. It works well with football, too. With hockey, you just play the goals (or the rare out-of-this-world save). Trying to recap a basketball game and play accompanying highlights just doesn't flow.
  • When you listen to as much WFAN as I do, certain commercial jingles tend to get stuck in your head to the point you start humming them everywhere and can't shake it off. This has happened with many ads over the years, but the latest one is definitely the most disturbing. You know the jingle I'm talking about: it ends with "I've...... got gas!"
  • Doug Christie has a sore right ankle, and is going to miss some time. Key words in the brief article: "sidelined indefinitely" and "returning to his home." I don't know about you, but I'm glad he's going to get to spend more quality time with his wife. Those road trips were really taking a toll on her. Hey, whatever happened to that reality show?
  • Is it possible to get into college basketball before January? Didn't think so.
  • David Duval is still alive. And on a leaderboard. Good for him. It seems like only yesterday he was being called "the Arnold to Tiger's Jack." Yes, there was a time when he was going to be Tiger's rival for life. Not only did it not work out like that, Duval dropped off the golf radar completely. Hopefully he can make it back all the way; it's only six years since he was #1 in the world.


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